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Here at Twin Towers Music Publications, we are proud to be at the forefront of today's music distribution technology! For your convenience, all of the titles in our catalog are now available as Downloadable PDFs. Downloadable sheet music comes with a lot of perks: print as many parts as you need (as per the user agreement), free conductor's scores for festival competition, free shipping (obviously!), near instant access (usually within 24-48 hours), digital storage (download PDFs to your computer and store how you see fit.)

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(Build Your Custom CD Rom Here)

All of our concert band and jazz ensemble titles are now

available for purchase on CD Rom as PDF files.


Here are are the benefits YOU will enjoy:


  1.  Lower Price Per Chart; Reduced Shipping Costs On "Larger" Charts

2.  Printing License Will Allow for Unlimited Copies of Instrumental Parts*  

      (finally, the RIGHT number of clarinet and snare parts!)  

3.  Each Package Will Include An Authentic Individualized Letter Of Printing Permission for

      Conductor's Scores To Be Used At Concert Competitions.  

      (basically, the package comes with FREE contest scores!)

  4.  When Available**, The Disk Will Include a FULL Audio Recording For Your Reference.
  5. Easy Library Storage And Access
  6. Additional "Bonus Features" such as composer's notes, biography, full catalog, etc.
  7. ULTIMATE Custom Collection CD Roms  Can Be Purchased At An Even GREATER Savings!


(*As according to terms of user agreement.)
(**Some disks will not have a full recording available and some may only have MIDI recordings.)

(Note - CD Roms are not currently available to distributors or retailers.)

CD Rom Basic Price List



Regular Printed Music Price

(If the printed music price is ....) 

CD Price (Single Title)

(then your single-title CD would be ....) 



$48 $37.50
$58 $45
$68 $55
$80 $69


(Note - CD Roms are not currently available to distributors or retailers.)


To learn how to place an order, Click: HERE





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