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Jazz Band - JazzTones

Espionage 2.0

Rhodes, Brian

Grade Level: 4.5
Published: 2004
Catalog Number: J1027

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Standard Jazz Ensemble / Big Band: 5,4,4,4 Piano: RH - Voicings, LH - Chord Chart Bass: Written out with chord changes provided. Range: (C1=Middle C) Trpt. Eb3, Tbn. Ab1
Style: Fast Spy Rock / Hard Swing

"Espionage 2.0" is the second part in a three part jazz suite of spy jazz/rock tunes. This chart can be performed alone, but the original intention is for all three charts to be performed together. The initial influence for this tune is the great "Harlem Nocturne," featuring the alto sax in a slow latin groove. Then suddenly, at m.41, the chart shifts to a fast spy rock feel, (depicting a car chase) eventually featuring the tenor sax. After the tenor solo, the accents shift and the meter begins to change, showing that the car chase is getting pretty nasty. At m.139-142, there are 4 notes per measure that each performer in the ensemble is to improvise over. Someone must cue the beginning of each measure to help keep things together. At m.143, everyone improvises really fast and loud. After the stick clicks in m.144, m.145-146 are notated chord clusters, then at m.147 is another all out aural assault, with everyone playing loud and fast, depicting a car crash. Then the original feel is reinstated with the alto sax, with a restatement of the first theme, followed by a series of weird chords, with the idea that the criminal got away. This chart is very exciting and could be just the thing for your next jazz band concert.

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