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Here at Twin Towers Music Publications, we are proud to be at the forefront of today's music distribution technology! For your convenience, all of the titles in our catalog are now available as Downloadable PDFs. Downloadable sheet music comes with a lot of perks: print as many parts as you need (as per the user agreement), free conductor's scores for festival competition, free shipping (obviously!), near instant access (usually within 24-48 hours), digital storage (download PDFs to your computer and store how you see fit.)

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Jazz Band - JazzTones

Night Terror

Rhodes, Brian

Grade Level: 4.5
Published: 2006
Catalog Number: J1036

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Standard Jazz Ensemble / Big Band: 5,4,4,4 Piano: RH - Voicings, LH - Chord Chart Bass: Written out with chord changes provided. Range: (C1=Middle C) Trpt. C#3, Tbn. F1
Style: Fast Crazy Rock

"Night Terror" is a musical description of the medical condition known as pavour nocturnus or sleep terror. Night terror occurs when one is abruptly awakened during the fourth stage of sleep, often accompanied by gasping, running around the room and even screaming. Although this seems scary, it is actually harmless and the subject often goes back to sleep, totally unaware of what happened. This chart begins with a calm lullaby, the launches into a fast weird rock tune that is aggressive and relentless, including measures of full band atonal improvisation. The solo section is a series of unrelated sus7 chords written for the alto sax. The tune ends with a rather demented quote of Brahms "Lullaby" before crashing to an end. This chart is aggressive, loud, full of attitude and may be just the amount of weirdness you need for your next concert.

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